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The Entrepreneur

‘It’s the price you pay for the life you choose’ – The Godfather

Arnie Abramyan has always been a fighter. Fighting for what you believe in and what’s right should be natural to a human being. Given political correctness and fear of losing money or face. People don’t risk fighting anymore, they just go with the tide to not disturb the crowd. Arnie doesn’t have that issue. He fights for what he believes in and does what he can to help the people.

My Story

Arnie Abramyan is the founder and current CEO of Youth Empowerment, Inc (A nonprofit focused on helping youth make wiser decisions in life). Arnie Abramyan is an entrepreneur and had been helping the local community in terms of self-development and business development. He is also the President of the Sunland Tujunga Chamber Of Commerce AKA Los Angeles Valley Chamber of Commerce. The founder of Armenian Trade and Labor Association and Co-Founder of the National Hookah Community Association.

Experience is the database of knowledge that comes from mistakes and lessons in life and business. Knowing when to told them, when to fold them and when to walk away is the key to success.

Arnie with Monica Rodriguez (Council Woman)

Arnie Abramyan with the Council Woman Monica Rodriguez.


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Sunland Tujunga

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Being an Entrepreneur comes natural. It’s in your blood, your DNA, and Arnie Abramyan found out he was born to be an Entrepreneur when he was 8 years of age.


Believe in yourself and believe you can make a change. I personally feel that it takes a different kind of individual to be an activist. To fight for and believe in something bigger than yourself is an activist’s vision.

Master Salesman

Sales. Sales. Sales. Everything needs to be sold. Selling is a talent and an art. It takes unique individuals to understand the product and the consumer which will pay the price for it.

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